5 Secrets to Healthy Hair Your Hairstylist Might Not Tell You

Everyone loves beautiful hair. It is one of the most beautiful ornaments nature gave to women –it makes us feel desirable, it makes us look sexy, but also healthy and nurtured. It has also been a specific sign of the time: if we see a drawing or a picture of a certain hairstyle, we can almost with certainty guess the period in history it represents. And it’s not just about women – many men consider their hair as the strongest point in their appearances. Starting from Samson, whose strength and power, according to the legend, had literally laid in his hair, his seven long braids that hadn’t been cut since the day he was born, until he was betrayed by Dalilah.  And all the way through history, men and women wore proudly their lush manes, sometimes their own, sometimes elaborate, luxurious wigs or extensions.

Only the twentieth century brought us the short hair styles for women. Cutting hair, first to the famous bob, and then even shorter,  was considered brave and revolutionary and women who were sporting such short hair were displaying their independence, the cry for freedom from conventionality and tradition and also the readiness to live their lives the way they wanted. The famous Coco Chanel’s bob, together with the little black dress, strings of pearls and Chanel No.5, has kept its iconic place in the world of fashion.

But many modern stars of show business became famous (at least) partly thanks to their hair. Think Mia Farrow’s pixie, Farrah Fawcett’s layered, silver long locks, perfectly blow – dried away from the face. Meg Ryan and her messy, just out of bed hairstyle. Or the championess of the hairstyle change, Jennifer Aniston, and her famous change of hairstyle in the ‘90s that motivated millions of women throughout the world to run to their hairdressers, carrying the photo of Aniston, asking for exactly the same look.

Nowadays, the changes of hair colours and styles are more often and more daring and don’t cause such turmoil as they did once. Look at Rhianna, or the Jenner sisters – they have probably tried every length, colour and style under the sun. And their millions of followers tried it too.

But whether it’s short or long, or somewhere in between, whether it’s blonde or dark or even blue and purple, as nowadays it often is, it must be healthy to be beautiful. It must be elastic, shiny and bouncy. And the more things we do with it, the smaller the chance that hair will go through it undamaged. Hair dyes, no matter how advanced they are, damage the hair and change its natural structure. The heat from hairdryers, hair presses, curlers and other appliances we use to tame and shape our hair, damage it badly. Not to mention the sun and the atmospheric pollution which is unavoidable.

The famous stars have expensive hairdressers and use famous products and spend ridiculous amounts of money to keep their hair beautiful and healthy looking. However, it is possible to take care of your hair even without spending a fortune on it. It is enough

to dedicate it some time, to nurture it regularly, and change some practices to save it from sources of damages.

Here are some inexpensive and simple practices or you can say the secrets to healthy hair which you can apply at home and which will regenerate and keep your hair shiny, healthy and elastic.

# 1 Use loads and loads of cold pressed (extra virgin) coconut oil

coconut oil
Source: imayamfoodproducts.com

Coconut oil does wonders for your hair (and also for the body and face, but this time we will not talk about that) – it protects, nurtures, and gives it back its elasticity. There are seven fatty acids in the coconut oil, which will work to protect the scalp, whose natural oils get stripped off by the use of shampoo and hair products. That way the coconut oil will not just protect the scalp, providing it with what it needs, but will also prevent the split ends and dry and brittle hair. Especially in summer, if you are exposing your hair to the direct sun and heat, but also to chlorine (if you are swimming in the pool) or salt (if you are swimming in the sea), it will benefit tremendously from the coconut oil masks.

Coconut oil is very simple to use, because it melts at a low temperature (around 30C). It is enough to put some coconut oil into a palm of a hand and keep it for a moment, and it will melt. Rub it into your both hands and spread on your hair, massaging the scalp energetically. The quantity of the oil will depend on the length and thickness of your hair, but don’t put too much as it will need more shampoo to wash out. Leave it on for at least an hour, but the longer, the better. The best is to keep it on all day, before washing it off with a mild shampoo. Moreover, coconut oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which work better than the shampoo.

In winter time, if your hair is not dry or damaged, use it monthly . In summer, apply the mask of coconut oil weekly. Before going to the beach, be sure to put it on your hair, as it will be protected from the damaging effects of the sun and salt.

#2 Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Balsam

Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Balsam
Image Source: www.healthyfoodcomunity.com

Coconut oil will have even better effect when mixed with aloe vera, which is famous by its healing effects to any kind of splits or wounds. You should cut one leaf of aloe and take out the gel with a spoon. Mix with cold pressed coconut oil in the quantity sufficient to apply as a hair balsam. Apply after shampooing like any other balsam.

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#3 Use Beer Instead of a Whole Range of Hair Products

Beer for hair
Image Source: www.foreo.com

Beer contains yeast and admirable quantities of vitamin B. It is also rich in proteins from malt and hops and different types of sugar – maltose and sucrose. When hair is sprayed with beer, it gets nourished with vitamins and minerals, but it also gets a coating to protect it from damaging effects of sun and pollution. However, the most popular effect beer has on hair is the shiny, polished look that we all strive for. The proteins which stay on each strand of hair, makes it also look thicker.

  • Shampoo with beer: take approximately 400 ml of beer and let it boil and evaporate to less than half of its quantity. Let it cool down and mix with 250 ml of some mild, plants based shampoo. Use the mixture as a regular shampoo.
  • Conditioner with beer: mix 250 ml of warm beer with one spoon of jojoba oil. Apply after shampooing like any conditioner. It will leave the hair thick and shiny.
  • Beer as a hairspray: pour boiled and cooled beer into a spray bottle and use as any other hairspray.

# 4 Use Lemon Juice or Camomile Tea for Rinsing for Achieving “Sun – kissed effect”

Camomile Tea
Image Source: www.greenteasource.com

Lemon juice is widely applied in household – for cleaning, removing bad odour, repelling insects, but also for removing stains and generally for whitening. It has the same effect on hair. Squeeze one lemon and add its juice into the water you rinse your hair with. Don’t dry it with a towel, just gently squeeze the water out and let it dry naturally. It will get nicely shaded, some threads more than the others, just like it happens when you spend lots of time in the sun.

Similar effect is achieved if strong camomile tea is added into the rinsing water.

# 5 Treat Your Hair with a Nutritive mask at least Once a Month

nutritive hair mask
Image source: rainlillie.com

Mix one egg yolk with olive oil, preferably with a mixer. You should get a nice, thick mayo. Spread it all over the hair, including the scalp. Let it stay until it dries. If you don’t have that much time, put a plastic shower cap onto the hair and a warm towel on top of it. The warmth will make the mask work faster. Afterwards wash your hair with a mild shampoo, as usual.

Additionally, there are some general rules that should be respected if you wish to have healthy and beautiful hair. First of all, HEAT is one of the biggest enemies of hair. Regardless whether it’s coming from the sun, hairdryer or hair press, it should be avoided at all costs. In short term, the thermally treated hair will look good, but in the long run, the heat will ruin it.

Wash your hair with lukewarm water – the colder the better. Try to make the last rinse with cold water. It will be shiny and thick.

Brush regularly, preferably using a brush with natural hair. However, too much brushing can provoke scalp to start producing too much oil and hair becomes greasy.


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