Acupressure Points for Effective Weight Loss – Lose Weight With Acupressure

Did you know that you can use certain acupressure points for weight loss? If not, read further…

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese method of body ailment treatment. It applies pressure on certain meridians in the body to unblock them so as to provide them with more energy. This method either cures almost all disorders or relieves body pains.

Acupressure has been applied for more than 5,000 years in China. It was first practiced between 2697 and 2596 B.C. through the rule of emperor Huang who was on top of its fans. Chinese practiced it to diagnose and cure different illnesses, particularly those associated with vital systems and Neuralgia (neuro-pains).

It was not known in Europe until the 17th century. In fact, in late 1970s the World Health Organization (WHO) authorized it as an effective treatment for about 40 illnesses.

Some people use both acupressure and acupuncture interchangeably. Actually, there are some slight differences between them. In acupuncture, needles are used to deal with some specific points on some parts of the body. Yet in acupressure, fingers, hand, elbow, and some other devices are used instead to create pressure on certain meridian points.

How acupressure helps in weight loss?

Like other conventional medical sciences, acupressure has witnessed a wide breakthrough to the extent that it is now used for weight reduction. Nowadays, acupressure for weight loss is embedded as part and parcel of massage institutions exercises programs.

Human body has 14 meridian points working as passages that carry and distribute energy throughout all cells. Sometimes such meridians get blocked for some reason, either obesity or overweight.  

The fourteen meridians, starting from fingertips to the brain and then to other body parts, are checked by weight loss acupressure practitioners. When they decide on the blocked meridian causing heavy weight, they use their hands or fingers pressure to unblock it. By this, they let more energy flow through the meridian to the cells or body systems.

But how can acupressure treatment for weight loss work? The answer is very simple; just get through the following significant effects that acupressure creates:

  • When practiced on some specific meridian points, it can easily and perfectly suppress hunger drive and food cravings. This leads to losing appetite and limits the amount of food and number of daily meals, which leads to weight loss.
  • Acupressure therapy for weight loss improves digestion, leading to perfect absorption. This in turn prevents fat accumulation in body cells and under the skin.
  • It enhances metabolism, which results in losing much weight in a short time.
  • It can fool your hypothalamus into believing that you are not hungry. This way you will not feel desire for food. 

How effective is acupressure to reduce weight?

Although there are still no documented research concerning the effectiveness of Acupressure for losing weight, most experts insist that it’s effective. Moreover, many institutions in America, Europe. Asia (including India) embed acupressure into their curriculum. They assure that it is very effective in weight reduction. But how effective is it? Let’s see.

  1. It prevents water retention: it stimulates kidney nerves to prevent water retention, which reduces much weight and refreshes the body.
  2. Through its direct effect on metabolism, it can align the body with losing its weight.
  3. Ear Acupressure for weight loss: ear Acupressure therapy has been practiced for a long time due to its effectiveness on weight loss. The ear has multiple nerve endings connected to all parts of the body. Placing pressure on some of these nerves leads to weight loss.
  4. Effects on hormone production: Acupressure has strong effects on hormone levels in the body. It restore balance of hormone levels, including digestion. When those levels are balanced, food cravings are balanced, too.
  5. It stops or limits inflammation: metabolism can be affected by inflammation, especially in intestines and stomach. When this happens, much tension in these parts of the body would take place, resulting in increasing oxidative stress. Acupressure is able to minimize its levels and makes the body susceptible to lose weight.               

Major Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

Some sources and acupressure practitioners refer there are 10 or 12 Acupressure points for weight loss. But, in this article I will focus on only “major” and most effective points related immediately to weight loss. Bearing this in mind, I will mention them from the most important to the least important. They are just 6 points.

(1)   Ear Acupressure Point for Weight Loss  (Tragus)

Ear Acupressure PointThis point is very important when used to reduce weight. It can lower weight significantly and quickly. Situate your thumb or index finger on the front part of ear against the higher jaw. Start to move it up and down until you feel the place of the point with most movement of the jaw. Press it gently for a minute or so. Release your finger for about 30 seconds, and repeat the process for 5 times. You can apply this procedure once or twice a day.

Acupressure weight loss points on ear can reduce appetite. They can also  suppress food cravings and release endorphins. All these outcomes help in losing much weight in a short time.

(2) Abdominal point

Abdominal Point for Weight LossThis point is located in abdomen right and left areas 3 cm down belly button (Ren 6). Applying Acupressure to this point can improve the function of digestive system. Some experts state that it also diminishes constipation. In this way, your intestines do not absorb much liquid, which in turn lead to losing weight.

Place two fingers on the right and left areas, and move up and down for a minute. Do it twice a day to get better results.  

(3) Abdominal Sorrow Point

Abdominal Point for Weight LossThis point is located under the last right and left ribs (Ren 4). Applying acupressure to these two areas prevents indigestion and treats imbalance of appetite. Doing so, it prevents food carvings, which loses much weight. These areas are the Acupressure points to reduce belly fat.

With curved fingers or half-closed fist, press these two points for 5 minutes or less once a day.

(4) Elbow Points

elbow points for weight loss Acupressure points for weight loss on hands are located in the inner region of the elbow crease. This point is related to the intestine. It stimulates its function, and eliminates excess body heat. Accordingly, it removes fats around the belly.

Using your thumb, press this point for just one minute or so once per day. Try to do it every day to get the best results.

(5) Ankle Point (Spleen 6)

Ankle Point for Weight LossAs its name suggests, this point is related to the spleen. Therefore, it participates directly in enhancing digestive system. This sort of enhancement prevents the body from accumulating fats. As a result, it cannot gain extra weight.

With a finger or two, press this point for a minute once or twice a day. Do not forget to practice regularly.

(6) Knee Point (Stomach 35)

Knee Point (Stomach 35) for weight lossThis point is located two inches below the kneecap on the outer part of the leg. Massaging it helps in improving the digestion process, and straighten stomach function. This, of course, help in losing much weight. With your forefingers of your both hands, press this point for a minute or two. Then, move your foot up and down four or five times. Finally, press the point again for 2 minutes.

How to reduce belly fat with acupressure?

Getting rid of belly fats is not so easy as many people think. It is associated with poor metabolism. Even physical exercises cannot participate in losing such fats. Metabolism is to be treated well, and constipation must be relieved in the first place. To do this perfectly, applying Acupressure to activate meridians, along with physical exercises, is a must.

To get directly to the point, I will focus on five major, abdominal Acupressure points. They can be activated to raise the level of metabolism and to burn belly fats.  

  1. Fat burning point: it is located below 1.5 inches below belly point. Applying Acupressure to it can regulate blood circulation, oedema, menses, and even vaginal secretion.
  2. Constipation Alleviating Point: It is located 2 inches below belly button, right and left. It is effective in eliminating excess water and flatulence. It can also relieve constipation.
  3. Water point: It is situated one inch from the sides of the belly button. It contributes to detoxification, relieves abdominal pain and facial swelling.
  4. Metabolism point: It is found about 4 inches above the belly button. It relieves stomach pain and regulates the function of the stomach. This helps the body get rid of exec fats.
  5. Oedema Elimination point: 3 inches bellow navel. It has many functions, but the most important one is burning fats around the belly.

Other benefits of acupressure

Acupressure can be used for treating a wide variety of diseases. Since it uses meridians associated with most systems and vital points in the body, it has become essential for treating many illnesses. Here is a list of other benefits that acupressure can give to all people.

  1. Relieve Pain: It motivates meridians which in turn activate blood circulation and relieves pains.
  2. Relaxes body: When it treats illness, you fell better and your body calms down and relaxes.
  3. Relaxes Brain: When your body relaxes due to Acupressure treatment, it gets rid of stress. Eliminating or diminishing stress would calm your brain.
  4. Helps healing faster: On the contrary of conventional medicinal treatment, Acupressure gives immediate results. So, healing takes place faster.
  5. Improves sexual abilities: It is believed that Acupressure can balance Chi (vital energy, sometimes written Qi). This cures lagging libido resulting from Chi imbalance.
  6. Leads to facial muscles Harmony: When applying it to some facial meridians, blood circulation is activated in this region. More oxygen-loaded blood cells take their way to facial muscles causing them to work in harmony.
  7. Replaces conventional Medicines: Acupressure proved to be effective in treating ailments such as headache, cold, etc. It also relieves pains resulting from such ailments. Thus, it can substitute for conventional medicines.
  8. Release tension: It is known for its ability to release muscular tension. When it is applied, it relieves the nerves associated with muscles. This releases tension and makes muscles relax.
  9. Heals Emotional Imbalance: Stress and tension block meridians, and deprive the body of vital energy, causing emotional imbalance. Acupressure relaxes meridians and unblocks them allowing more energy to get through.
  10. Relieves Back Pain: Through points located on both side of the backbone, Acupressure allows more blood to flow meridians of this area. Flowing more blood would relieve back pains.          


Despite the holistic advancement that has taken place in medicinal treatment system, old treatment methods are still in use. One of those old methods is Acupressure which has proved its validity and usability so far. But in fact, there is still urgent need for doing much research on this type of treatment.

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