FIFA WC 2018 News: Group stage is Over, Time for Knock-Outs

Half of the journey of FIFA WC 2018 is completed. Teams are ready for the “Round of 16”, which will starts tomorrow evening.

32 teams were started the journey for the trophy but unfortunately 16 of them are going back to home. Other 16 will continue for the next Stage known as Round of 16. In this Stage, there will only knock-outs. Only winners will continue their journey after this stage rest will go home.

Round of 16

This stage will starts from 30th June. In this round, 16 teams, which are winners from group stage (two from each group), will play only a single match as knock-out. After this we will get only 8 winners who will fight in Quarter-finals later.

Matches of this stage are deciding upon a system with respect to Group stage. That system is as follows:

  • 1A Vs 2B (1st from group A against 2nd from Group B).
  • 1B Vs 2A (1st from group B against 2nd from Group A).
  • 1C Vs 2D
  • 1D Vs 2C
  • 1E Vs 2F
  • 1F Vs 2E
  • 1G Vs 2H
  • 1H Vs 2G

Teams qualified for ROUND OF 16

From Group A,

Uruguay and Russia qualify for the next stage. Uruguay is one of the 3 teams who won all of their group matches. They scores 5 times only.

Russia scores 8 Goals, highest among the group. But they are not succeeded to defeat Uruguay. So they finishes 2nd in group A.

From Group B,

Spain and Portugal qualify for the next stage. All three teams from top won only 1 match out of 3. But Iran had got a 1-0 defeat from Spain. This didn’t allow them to qualify the group stage.

Spain and Portugal both have 5 points in table but due to GA and GF helps Spain to finish 1st and Portugal 2nd in the group. C Ronaldo is 2nd leading scorer of the tournament till now.

From Group C,

France and Denmark qualify for the next stage. France finishes 1st in the group with 7 points. They have 2 wins and one draw against Denmark.

Denmark finishes 2nd with 5 points. They have 1 win and 2 draws.

From Group D,

Croatia and Argentina qualify for the next stage. Croatia is one of the 3 teams who won all of their group matches. They scores 7 goals in three matches and finishes 1st with 9 points in group D.

On other side, Argentina enters into next stage with some crucial moments. In 3rd match of both, Argentina and Nigeria were head to head. Before the match, Argentina was behind Nigeria. If they didn’t won the match at that point they will failed to qualify. In that crucial match, Messi hits the first goal in 14th minute for his team. In response, Moses hits the goal in 51st minute and scores are level. But in last 4 minutes before the final whistle, Rojo came to front from defence and scores 2nd goal and creates winning moments for Argentina.

From Group E,

Brazil and Switzerland qualify for the next stage. The both teams didn’t allow any other team to enter into next stage.

Brazil has 2 wins and 1 draw out of three matches. They finish 1st in the group with 7 points.

Switzerland afford only one 1 win and having 2 draw among three matches. They finish 2nd with 5 points.

From Group F,

Sweden and Mexico qualify for the next stage. This is quite shocking that defending champion Germany didn’t even qualify for the ROUND OF 16. They became the 4th defending champions who got eliminated in group stage in last 5 World Cups. It is only first time they had eliminated in group stage after WC 1938.

In final match of group stage, South Korea destroys the champions in extra time by 2-0. If Germany, defeat them only by single goal difference they had qualified.

Sweden and Mexico both have 6 points but due to goal differences Sweden finishes 1st and Mexico got 2nd place.

From Group G,

Belgium and England qualify for the next stage. Belgium is another team who got wins in all of three points. Belgium is also leading goal (9) scoring team followed by Russia (8) and England (8).

Belgium finished 1st and England finished 2nd with 6 points include 2 wins and 1 lose. Harry Kane from England is the leading goal scorer till now.

From Group H,

Columbia and Japan qualify for the next stage. Columbia finished 1st in the last group with 6 points. They were only defeated by Japan in their first match.

In last match of group, Poland is succeeded to defeat Japan by 1-0 and equation becomes a bit confused.

For second place, Japan and Senegal both finished with 4 points and same GD. But here came the turning point of Fair play. According to fair play Senegal have more Yellow cards than Japan, and Japan qualify with 2nd from the last group.


Match #1      France Vs Argentina

France Vs Argentina
Image Source: The Sun

France and Argentina will face each other 12th time on 30th June 2018.  Argentina has won 6 out 11 previous head to heads.

In world cups, they will meet 3rd time. On last two occasions both times Argentina won and reached into finals.

Let’s find who will able to climb the next step towards trophy?

Match #2      Uruguay Vs Portugal

Uruguay Vs Portugal
Image Source: The Sun

Uruguay and Portugal will face to face for the 3rd time.  Portugal has unbeaten with one win and one draw.

They had played their last match in the July 1972 ended up as draw by 1-1.

Will Ronaldo ended up the winning streak of Uruguay or Portugal’s journey ended up here?

Match #3      Spain Vs Russia

Spain Vs Russia
Image Source: The Sun

Spain hasn’t lost any game in their last 23 games with 15 wins and 8 draws. They last defeated by Italy in June 206 during European Championship.

On other hand, Russia is going well in this world cup with 2nd leading scorer team with 8 goals in 3 matches.

Spain is the favourites. On 1st July, we will get to know that who will continue their journey for the next stage.

Match #4      Croatia Vs Denmark

Croatia Vs Denmark
Image Source:

Will Croatia headed up towards the quarter-finals or Denmark will go to destroy Croatia’s winning streak?

We will get to know this Sunday who is going to next stage.

From records, this will be the 6th meeting of the teams. Both had won 2 games each and one draw. It’s the only that Croatia is reached into Knock-outs.

Croatia has won all of their group matches and they are the favourites.

Match #5      Brazil Vs Mexico

Brazil Vs Mexico
Image Source:

Brazil and Mexico met 40 times before with 23 wins and 10 losses.

In world cup, Brazil every time concurs Mexico in their all 4 encounters.

Let’s find who is going to win on Monday, 2nd July.

Match #6      Belgium Vs Japan

Belgium Vs Japan
Image Source:

Belgium is another team who have a winning streak in this world cup. Romelu Lukaku is playing well for Belgium with 2nd leading goal scorer after Harry Kane (England).

On other hand, Japan had won only one match in group stage. The match between these teams will play on Monday, 2nd July.

From records, Belgium has won only 1 match out of their five matches.

In world cups, they have met only once and played a draw of 2-2.

Belgium is the favourite. Will Japan stops Belgium or get eliminated?

Match #7      Sweden Vs Switzerland

Sweden Vs Switzerland
Image Source:

Sweden and Switzerland will go head to head on 3rd July in knockout matches.

Previously they played 27 matches with 10 wins each team and 7 draws.

In world cup, from last 3 appearances they reached knockouts all times. But only one time they get the bronze place in 1994.

On other hand, Switzerland had never played against Sweden. After 1958, they never crossed the ROUND OF 16 Stage.

Let’s find what will be the results of their first World Cup meet?

Match #8      Columbia Vs England

The last match of this stage will played on 3rd of July between England and Columbia.

England had finished with 8 goals and Columbia had finished with 6 goals.

From history, Columbia had never defeats the English team in 5 matches (2D 3L).

In world cups, they had played only once in 1998 results as 2-0 win for England.

In this world cup, Harry Kane in the leading goal scorer with 5 Goals in 3 matches.

Do Harry Kane repeats his performance against Columbia and leads them to the next Round or Columbia will repeat their performance of WC 2014?

Stay tuned with World Cup, Round of 16 will starts from Sat, 30th June.

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