FIFA World Cup 2018 News: First round of knock-outs is over

FIFA World Cup 2018: First round of knock-outs “Round of 16” had started from 30th June. 16 teams started this round but at the end of round half of them have knocked out of the tournament.
The winning teams (8 teams) will now complete in “quarter-finals”. The 8 teams which completes in the quarter finals are France, Uruguay, Russia, Brazil Croatia, Belgium, , .
Before going to the Quarter-finals, have a look at their journey in the Round of 16.

Round of 16

30th June 2018, Match #1: France Vs Argentina

In the first match of the round, France and Argentina were on the opposite sides.
After 20 years, France once again dreamed to lift that trophy one again, on other hand Lionel too dream to lift that for the first time.

But out of dreams, only one is going to continue his dream and that one is France.
The game ended with a loss for Argentina by 4-3. Kylian Mbappe is the key player for France who gave a lead of 4-2 by scoring consecutive goals in 64th and 68th of the 2nd half followed by the last goal of the match by Sergio Aguero (Argentina) in extra time. Lionel Messi didn’t score any goal in the match.

30th June 2018, Match #2: Uruguay Vs Portugal

In the second game of the round, Portugal and Uruguay were on the opposite sides.
Uruguay was successful in beat down Portugal in the first knockout round. They achieved their 4th consecutive win in the 4 matches of the world cup.

In the match, Edinson Cavani scored two goals (7th, 62nd) for the team. On other side Pepe (55th) was the only scorer for Portugal.

In 90th minute of the match, C Ronaldo got a yellow card when he was asking for the free kick. If they got that the result can be different. But the match ended up with 2-1 loss for Portugal.

After winning most of the trophies, the dream of star player C Ronaldo didn’t full-filled.

1st July 2018, Match #3: Spain Vs Russia

In the third match of the round, Spain and Russia were on the opposite sides.
Hosts were succeeded to defeat the champions of FIFA 2010 in the knockout game. The game is very crucial for both the team.

The game was ended with a win for Russia by 4-3 penalty shootout score.
Before shootout, both teams ended up with 1-1 in full time.

Since 1990 world cup, any host nation never lost in any penalty shootout.

1st July 2018, Match #4: Croatia Vs Denmark

In the fourth game of the round, Croatia and Denmark were on the opposite sides.
The 2nd game of the night had also ended up with a penalty shootouts. Both teams scored very early in the match as Denmark (1st min) and Croatia (4th min). But after that any team couldn’t concede any score.

So the penalty shootout leads to continue the journey of Croatia by 3-2. They achieved their 4th consecutive win out of 4 matches of the world cup 2018.

2nd July 2018, Match #5: Brazil Vs Mexico

In the fifth match of the round, Brazil and Mexico were on the opposite sides.
Brazil was the favorites, and they perform well according to the acceptance of their fans. They successfully beat down the Mexican’s football team by 2-0.

Brazil is the team that won this title most of the times and they are on the way to win it one more time.

2nd July 2018, Match #6: Belgium Vs Japan

In the sixth game of the round, Belgium and Japan were on the opposite sides.
From the match, we can say that in football game anything can happen.

We had watched that till the 68th minute of the match the scores were Japan on 2 goals and Belgium was on 0. Japan had the upper hand and they were going towards the quarter-finals.

But there came a turn, Jan Vertonghen scored in 69th minute. Marouane Fellaini scored in 74th minute. Nacer Chadli scored in extra time (94th minute).

The game is ended up with a loss to Japan by 3-2. Before this match Japan entered into knockout by luck and Belgium ended up their luck as well as their journey in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

3rd July 2018, Match #7: Sweden Vs Switzerland

In the 7th match of the round, Sweden and Switzerland were on the opposite sides.
Switzerland had never won any time in world cup knock outs. Sweden beat them by 1-0.
Emil Forsberg (66 min) was the only goal scorer of the match.

In the extra time of match, Michael Lang of Switzerland got a Red card for a foul.
After 1958, it was the first time that Sweden is winning back to back games. Last time in 1958, they had won back to back games of quarter finals and semi-finals.

In final they were played against Brazil and lost the final match by 5-2.

3rd July 2018, Match #8: Columbia Vs England

In the 7th match of the round, Columbia and England were on the opposite sides.
England destroys the dreams of Columbian team to continue in the WC in a penalty shootout last night.

Before shootout, H kane hits the first goal of match in the 2nd half of game. England was winning the match as they didn’t conceded any goal till the 90th minute, but in the extra time Y Mina equalises the score in 93rd minute.

In shootout, England won by 4-3 and continues towards quarter-finals.

Quarter- Finals

Quarter finals will be played from 6th to 7th July. Matches are set for quarter finals and are as follows:
• Match# 1:
Uruguay Vs France
• Match# 2:
Brazil Vs Belgium
• Match# 3:
Sweden Vs England
• Match# 4:
Croatia Vs Russia

Stay tuned for the latest information.

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