FIFA World Cup 2018 News: Time to kick-off semi-finals today

World cup is going towards the END. Now there is only 4 matches left of the world cup including one match for 3rd place.
We have only 4 teams that all are European. The teams are Belgium, France, Croatia and England.

Some world cup facts of teams


One time world champion, France is participating in the world cup for 14th time and entering into semi – finals for the 6th time. They won only world cup in 1998 by defeating Brazil by 3-0 on the home soil.

  • In that world, France had also awarded as Fair play award with England.
  • Fabian Barthez of France was awarded as Best Goalkeeper for the tournament.
  • In World Cup 2006, France finished as the runner-ups after losing to Italy by 6-4 in penalty shootout.
  • Zinedine Zidane awarded as Best Player of the Tournament
  • France is the most favourite team to win the world cup 2018.


It’s the 13th time; Belgium is participating in the world cup. They have never won any world cup till now.

It is the 2nd time that they are in semi-finals.

In World cup 1986 semi-finals; Belgium was playing against Argentina and they lost by 2-0. After that game, they played against France for 3rd place and again lost by 4-2.

  • They finished 4th in the tournament.
  • In that world cup, Enzo Scifo of Belgium was awarded as Best Young Player.


After got founded in 1991, it is their 5th appearance in world cups out of seven. In 1998, they were the semi-finalist and ended up 3rd in the tournament.

It is the 2nd time that they are in semi-finals. In world cup 1998, they finished as 3rd place. They beat Netherlands by 2-1 in the game for third place.

  •  Davor Suker is the top scorer( 6 goals) of the WC 1998


This is the 15th occasion for England that they are participating in a world cup.
One time world Champion, England qualified 3rd time into semi-finals.

In world cup 1966, England lifts up the trophy for the first time by defeating W. Germany by 4-2.

  • Boby Chariton is selected as Best Player of tournament.
  • In 1990, England once again qualified into the semi-finals but they can’t beat W. Germany in semi-final and lost by 5-4 in penalty shootout.
  • They finished 4th that time.
  • England was awarded as Fair Play Award of the tournament.

Semi-finals will starts from 10th July. All the teams are ready and schedules for matches also decided. 1st match will played on 10th and 2nd will played on 11th as late night games. There are two teams in semi-finals that are coming from same group. England and Belgium belongs to same group “Group G”. This will also be possible that both can enter into Final as they both will play in different games.

Schedule for semi-finals

Semi-final #1: Belgium Vs France

France-v-BelgiumFrance is going to take on Belgium. Both teams performed very well during this world cup.
Belgium is one of the two teams that won all matches of the world cup 2018. But France played a draw against Denmark, rest 4 are wins.

From Records, both teams played 73 matches against each other. 23 of them won by France, 30 won by Belgium and 19 ended up as draw. Belgium also won the last game in 2015 by 4-3 in a friendly match.

  • In world cups, there are only 2 games had played b/w France and Belgium. Both were ended as wins for France.
  • 1st win for France in World Cup had come in WC1938 in first round when they defeat Belgium by 3-1.
  • 2nd win for France in World Cup had come in WC1986 in a game for third place. France won that match by 3-1 over Belgium.
  • In WC 2018, Belgium seems to be stronger than France if we look upon the performance. But overall records take favour of France.

Let’s watch today who is going to final? Can France repeats the History or Belgium Change the History?

Semi-final #2: Croatia Vs England

Semi-final #2: Croatia Vs EnglandEngland will play against Croatia in the second semi-final. England is the favourite of the match.

Croatia is another unbeaten team even they didn’t play any draw. All the games are ending up as a win for Croatia.

On other hand, England wins 4 games in this WC and lost only 1 from Belgium in group stage.

From Records, they had played 7 games against each other. England won 4 of them, 1 is draw and two wins for Croatia.

They had never got a clash in world cups till now. It will be first time they will head to head.

They had met only once at a major Event. In Euro 2004, England successfully wins over Croatia by 4-2.

England won 3 games out of last 5 games between them.

In this world cup, England and Croatia will start to write history of world cup records of them. We will watch on Wednesday that who will acquire first win from first world cup head to heads.

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