FIFA World Cup 2018: Round 1 is over; Teams are ready for the next round of Group stage

This time fight for the silver trophy has been started from 14th of June. 32 teams are roaring for the title but only one will hold the trophy at the end.

We are going to discuss the journey of teams in FIFA ’18 till the round 1 of group stage.

1st day of FIFA WC 2018

Match #1 Russia VS Saudi Arabia

World cup is kicked off by the hosts Russia who is playing against Saudi Arabia in first match of this WC.

Russia scores the first goal of match in 12th minute of first half from Y. Gazinskiy. After that Cheryshev and Dzyuba scores in 43rd and 71st minute.

Hosts also score two more goals in the extra time but they didn’t allow the opponents to score a single goal and beat them by 5-0 clean sheet.

2nd day of WC FIFA 2018

Match #2 Egypt VS Uruguay

1st match of the day 2 is played between Egypt and Uruguay. This is a low scoring defeat for Egypt. Uruguay wins the game by 1-0, another clean sheet of the day.

It had been looked like a draw till the 88th minute. But in 89th minute Gimenz hits the ball into the nets and claims a very tight win for Uruguay.

Match #3 Iran VS Morocco

After the tight match between Egypt and Uruguay it’s the turn of Iran and Morocco. It is also a 1-0 win for Iran. Bouhaddouz is the only goal scorer of the match for Iran. He scores the goal in 95th minute of the match.

 Match #4 Portugal VS Spain

In the match, as the referee whistle the game football stars C Ronaldo takes the responsibility of the match for Portugal. He starts to score goals from 4th minute. He scored the hat-trick for the 51st time in his career by hitting two another goals in 44th and 88th minute of the match. Other than of Ronaldo no one scores for the team.

From other side, Costa scores 2 times and nacho hits the final goal for the team and ended up the match as a Draw.

3rd day of WC 2018

Match #5 France VS Australia

This is the 1st game from group C between France and Australia. France wins the game by 2-1.

Match #6 Argentina VS Iceland

Everyone is waiting to see this star player L Messi. But unlike Ronaldo he didn’t impress his fans. In 64th minute of match, Messi got a chance to score but he couldn’t score. The match is ended up with a 1-1 draw.

Match #7 Peru VS Denmark

In7th match, Denmark is able to defeat the Peru by 1-0 from asingle goal of the match from Poulsen.

4th day of WC 2018

Match #8 Croatia VS Nigeria

It seems like a one sided match in which Croatia is able to score in both halves of the game. They win the game by 2-0.

Match #9 Costa Rica and Serbia

Kolarov from Serbia scores the goal in 2nd half of the match. No player from Costarica can score for the team and they lost the game by 1-0.

Match #10 Germany VS Mexico

A big game of the world cup between defending Champions Germany and Mexico. Germans are the favourites of the game but Mexico turns the rumours and destroys the champions.

Germany tried 9 times to hit the ball into goal post but they failed all the time.

  1. Lozano is the only scorer of the game and responsible for loss of Germany.

Match #11 Brazil VS Switzerland

Another big game was played on the same day after champions lost from Mexico.

Brazil and Switzerland are going head to head. Brazil is the favourite from the match. Most of the people think that they took them in an easy way and played a draw with Switzerland.

Coutinho scores in 20th minute whereas Zuber hits the goal in 2nd half for Switzerland.

5th day of WC 2018

Match #12 Swedan VS S Korea

On 5th day, Swedan was going to play against S Korea. In this low scoring game, capt Granqvist scores for the team through a penalty and claims the win for Swedish team.

Match #13 Belgium VS Panama

In the first half both teams were struggling for scoring goals. But in 2nd half Belgiun player Mertens scores 1st goals for team in 47th minute. After that R. Lukaku hits two consecutive goals in 69th and 75th minute. It helps them to destroy the opponents by 3-0 clean sheet.

Match #14 England VS Tunisia

It was a very thrilling game b/w the Tunisia and English team.

Harry Kane scores the first goal in 11th minute. In response from Tunisia, F, Sassi scored in 35th minute and scores are level. Now both the teams were struggled for the winning goal and in the end Harry Kane once again hits the ball into goal post in the extra time and English team wins this breath-taking game by 2-1.

Harry Kane is a 24-year old young player who becomes the hero for the team in their first game of FIFA 2WC 2018.

5th day of WC 2018

Match #15 Columbia VS Japan

15th match of the tournament was played between Columbia and Japan. There is a good performance by Japanese team. They score the 1st goal in 6th minute and 2nd goal in 73rd minute. Quintero is only Columbian scorer who scored in the first half. Japan wins the match by 2-1.

Carlos Sanchez got a RED Card

Adidas Golden Shoe winner from WC ’14 was also awarded in this match but this time by YELLOW Card.

Match #16 Senegal VS Poland

Last match from round 1 was played on 19th June between Senegal and Poland. It is also a one sided match as Senegal hits the first goal in 1st half and second in 2nd half. Till the 85th minute Poland didn’t scored any goal. But in 86th minute Krychowiak scores for the team and score are 1 – 2. But it’s too late for start scoring Poland, better luck next time.

After the end of round 1, round 2 is starting from 19th of June in a late night match between Russia and Egypt.

Egypt will play to win the match to be in competition and Russia will want to qualify the group stage after winning this game.

  • Ronaldo(3) is the top goal scorer till now.
  • Russia is the top scorer team of the tournament till now.
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