France see off Uruguay

france vs uruguayQuarter-finals are on and France became first team to book there place in semi-final.

Only 8 are left in the tournament out of 32.

1st game of quarters-final was between France and Uruguay.

France played very well and they are ready to go into semi-final.

Uruguay was playing without their main striker Edinson Cavani as he got injured in last match. This was a big loss for Uruguay. At 40th minute of the match Griezmann hits a free kick towards the goal post and Raphael is first goal scorer for France with a great header. France got the lead in the first half and from history; they have never lost any knockout match after taking a lead in first half. In last minutes of first half, Uruguay got a free kick. But H Lloris came across the ball and nets and saves the goal.

In 2nd half, defense of Uruguay allowed Griezman to hit the ball into the nets from the hands of Muslera in 61st minute. After this, French are passing time on the field. Uruguay got some chances to goal they haven’t turn that opportunities into score. Uruguay missed the game due to absence of E Cavani, they really missed him Suarez was even missing him on the field. Uruguay lost their first game of this world cup by 0-2 and with this lost they are heading towards home. And this is football someone has to leave and this time its Uruguay.

  • France is going to the semi-finals for 6th time.
  • They will go against one out of Brazil or Belgium.

Let’s watch 2nd quarter final game tonight. Brazil is going to take Belgium. Belgium hasn’t lost any game in this WC. Did they go to win the next or not, let’s watch?

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