Guava Leaves Tea for Weight Loss – Recipes & Other Health Benefits

Guava is a tropical sweet fruit native to Central and South America, and Mexico. It is known for a variety of nutrients including minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin C. Its leaves also have been used as herbal medicines for centuries.

Nutritionists and therapists state that guava leaves are now used as a natural alternative to chemical medicines to cure many diseases. Since they have antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, they are used as a natural disease healer and pain reliever.

Most studies show that many people all around the world do not resort to using first aid when needed any more. Instead, they find their comfort, taking natural formulas like guava leaves tea or powder. Because of much flavonoids that they contain as a main natural component, they are preferred for those who need safe treatment.

Coming to weight loss, guava leaves resemble a guard that protects the body against overweight or obesity. This can take place as Guava leaves for weight loss prevent the body from changing complex starches into sugar. They are good for losing weight due to the following facts:

  • They contain a very little quantity of carbohydrates, which makes them safe for health they do not lead to extra weight.
  • Guava Leaves contain very few calories, so they are a good choice for those who need going on a diet.
  • They are rich in phytochemicals. These can participate in keeping body cells healthy, helping to prevent body from gaining weight.
  • They motivate building “lean muscles” that can help in burning fats, thus contributing to losing much weight.
  • They contain a negligible amount of fat. This of course helps a lot in weight reduction.

Nutrition Value Of Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are renowned for being very rich in multiple weight losing nutrients. Their high value nutrients has made many countries, alongside with India, tend to processing them to be used for medicinal purposes. One of these purposes is weight reduction.

They contain many different polyphenolic compounds, in addition to other antioxidants, such as saponins, flavonoids, tannins, eugenol and many others. They can be used in many ways as natural medicines that have no dangerous side effects.  

Polyphenolic compounds are very important to the body as they can scavenge free radicals. Therefore, they are very active antioxidants.  Their antioxidant behavior is attributed to their ability to inhibit lipoxygenase which prevents inflammation.

Where to Find Guava leaves

guava leavesGuava is always grown in tropical and subtropical areas. In these areas, you can get its leaves easily at some food stores or even in the market. If you do not live in such regions where guava is not usually grown, you can buy leaves at apothecaries (pharmacies). Otherwise, you can buy them directly on line. Some world online companies, like Amazon, sell them at an affordable price.

Guava Leaves Tea

guava leaves teaGuava leaves tea for weight loss has gained popularity for centuries in almost all countries around the world. This kind of herbal tea is characterized with its unique, delicious flavor and nice odor. You can buy it at an apothecary, or make it yourself. If you’re going to buy the guava leaves in order to make the guava tea yourself, then you have to pick fresh or dried guava leaves at the grocery. You know that the guava leaf is fresh when you see it attached to the fruit; This is the best way to make the tea more effective.

Are you wondering how to prepare guava leaves tea for weight loss? Here is the recipe:

Guava Leaves Tea Recipe for Weight Loss 9- How to make guava leaves tea?

As mentioned above, first of all you need to find fresh or dried guava leaves from a grocery stores or health food stores.

  1. Bring 4-5 fresh or dried guava leaves (enough for 1 glass)
  2. Cardamom or cinnamon
  3. Boil a glass of water
  4. After reaching boiling, add guava leaves
  5. Add cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, or licorice (all optional)
  6. Let the mixture boil for 10 minutes
  7. Filter the mixture and drink!
  8. You can add some honey to make it tasteful (optional)

That’s a lot of vitamin C!

Guava Leaves Powder

guava leaves powderAnother form of guava leaves tea is guava leaves powder. It has the same usage and the very same benefits and results.

You can buy guava leaves powder or make it at home. Ready-made guava leaves powder it is not caffeinated. However, it’s better for you to make at home.

How To Make Guava Leaves Powder And Dried Guava Leaves

First you need to dry the guava leaves to make powder of it. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash guava leaves in cold water
  2. Take them out of water and put them on trays or drying screens in a single layer (make sure they are not crowded)
  3. When dried, put the leaves in a paper sack
  4. Close the paper sack on the leaves with a band or a twine
  5. Hang the paper sack using clothespins in a warm dark place

The process may take 3-4 weeks, so make sure you make a big amount enough for the next process.

  1. Finally, crush the leaves to make a powder
  2. Put 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of hot water
  3. let it sit for 5 minutes and cover it
  4. drink this glass once every day

Best Time to Drink

Guava leaves tea can be consumed at any time during the day. You can drink it after 1-2 hours of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, the best time to drink guava leaves tea is after your meals specially in the morning, then you might need to have a walk or perform some exercises in order to burn fats.

How Often You Should Drink Guava Leaves Tea

Like mentioned before, guava leaves tea can be consumed any time during the day. You can drink 3-4 glasses a day or more. Nevertheless, it might cause gas and stomach cramps. If so, you will need to reduce drinking guava leaves tea up to 1 glass a day.

Tips And Precautions

Guava leaves tea might causes cardiac depressant effect. So, if you have heart conditions or take medications for heart, you will need to talk to your doctor before drinking it.

It also has the effect of lowering blood sugar levels. If you’re diabetic, you’ll also have to speak to your physician before usage.

In order to lose weight, you have to drink guava leaves tea along with a diet. If you’re not following a severe diet, you may not lose weight as you wish.

Variation of guava leaves tea recipes

There are many methods to make guava leaves tea. Using cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, or licorice are all the same. There is no difference between them as they are all used for the taste.

However, the difference may be in what kind of guava leaves tea you use. You can either use fresh, dried, powder, or even iced guava leaves tea. Again, the results are the same, it’s just your personal taste.


Guava remedy recipes have been used for centuries for weight loss and treating many health problems. It’s full of nutrients and benefits.

The guava leaves tea particularly is used as herbal medicine, There are many recipes for the guava leaves tea, but they all give the very same results and benefits.

If you really wish to lose weight, you will need to drink guava leaves tea along with a diet free of fats, sugar, and carbohydrates.

Other Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Other than weight loss, guava leaves are used to cure many other diseases. It is even said that with some certain diseases, like uninfected diarrhea, they can deliver quick and true results. In general, guava leaves many health benefits, among them are:

  • Inhibiting hair loss

By grinding guava leaves and boiling them, you release the antioxidants which stop scalp inflammation. This prevents hair loss.

  • Preventing and curing diarrhea

Due to the antimicrobial properties that guava leaves contain, chewing or drinking their juice can help either prevent or cure diarrhea.  

  • Reducing high levels of cholesterol

Its leaves contain garlic acid and some catechins that can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This help in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  • Curing bronchitis

Chewing some leaves or drinking some cups of guava leaves tea for some days can cure inflammatory respiratory tract. They can also serve as strong expectorant.

  • Protecting from prostate cancer for men

As guava leaves contain antioxidants, and they can also prevent inflammation, this will in turn stop prostate inflammation that may lead to swelling or cancer.

  • Help in some kinds of fever (e.g. dengue fever)

Eating them increases the levels of platelets in blood. Platelets are parts of the blood which help blood to clot. Platelet-rich blood accelerates healing of diseases and prevent body against fevers, particularly dengue fever.   

  • Relieve bad effects of diabetes

It is well known that catechins help much in burning fats. They also help the body to control sugar levels in blood.  


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