Top 10 Candidates for Ballon d’or 2018

Ballon d’Or is on the way. Like every year there are many players who want to win this. But since 2008 when Ronaldo won his first Ballon d’Or it’s been a two way battle between Ronaldo and Messi. They dominate this award from last 10 years. What about this year? Is this same Ronaldo and Messi this year also?

Ballon d’Or is an annual award regarding to football is given to the best player of the year since 1958. It is awarded by France football.

In 2018, the players will award in last month of the year. Here are the favourites to win this year:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo: ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo will start to play for Juventus in his future football career. In this season, he played for Real Madrid.

In season 2017-18,

For clubs, he appeared in 44 games including La Liga, Champions League, UEFA Super cup, Supercopa andclub World Cup. He scored 44 goals for Madrid and assisted 8 times too.

Internationally, he played 5 matches. 4 played in WC and 1 friendly match. He scored 4 goals during world cup and one goal in friendly match.

He also won different tournaments including FIFA club world cup, UEFA super cup, Champions league and Supercopa de Espana. They  finish 3rd in La Liga.

Now he moved to another club named Juventus. He is #1 contender for Ballon d’Or this time.


  1. Luka Modric:modric He is another contender after Ronaldo for Ballon d’Or. He belongs to Croatia and played for Real Madrid too. He is a brilliant midfielder and very important for both Real Madrid and Croatia. In World Cup 2018 he won Golden ball.

For clubs, he appeared in 41 matches. He scored 2 times and assists 8 times in club matches.

Intenationally, he played 10 matches. 7 out of them in world cup and 3 friendly matches. He scored 2 times in world cup.

He never won any Ballon d’Or in his life. This time in world cup they finished as runner-ups. Due to his performance in WC he is nominated for Ballon d’Or 2018.


  1. Kylian Mbappe: Kylian MbappeHe is the youngest player among others who is nominated for Ballon d’Or. 20 year old French player is playing for Paris Saint-Germain from the start of this season.

For clubs, he played 44 matches and scored 21 times. He also assists for 11 times. He is very good in dribbling and headed attempts.

Internationally, he played for WC winners 2018, France. He played very well and scores 4 goals in 7 matches. He was nominated as  best young player of the world cup 2018.


  1. Lionel Messi:Lionel Messi 5 times winner of Ballon is not even in top 3 contenders this time.

In Champions League quarter-finals, Barcelona beat AS Roma by 4-1 in home match. But in away match they lost by 3-0 at got out of champions’ league. Therefore the main Contenders Ronaldo and others gone ahead of him. It is one of the main reasons he is down in contenders list.

If we look into performance in this season, he scored 49 goals in 59 games played.

World Cup 2018 is a major event to perform well. But in whole tournament he scored only 1 goal in 4 games. That is the biggest disadvantage for him to win Ballon d’Or.


  1. Antoine Griezmann: Antoine GriezmannGriezmann from France performed very well in world cup 2018. He scored 4 goals and 2 assists for France and led them to be victorious in WC. Although in final game, he also scored a goal after which opponents didn’t take lead and lost the match.

Other than world cup, he scored 30 goals for Atletico Madrid and also assists 13 times in 59 games. He even won Europa League with Athletico Madrid.


  1. Salah:Salah Mohd Salah is a player belongs to Egypt who didn’t have a big name in football. But he is a very good young player. As per his performance he can be put on the top with Ronaldo for Ballon d’Or. But his injuries don’t let him to go at that place.

In WC, he was not fully fit even and after that Egypt also got out of world cup in group stage.

Overall performance in season 2017-18: He scored 48 goals and 14 assists in 57 games. He was also the top scorer in Premier League 2018 with 32 goals.


  1. Harry Kane:Harry Kane Top Scorer of WC 2018 also found a place in the list of Ballon d’Or 2018. He scored 6 goals in WC. But in last matches England didn’t played well and they finished at 4th

This 24 – year old player scored 50 goals in 57 appearances in the season17-18 with club and country.


  1. Edinson Cavani: Edinson CavaniUruguay played very well in the WC before knocked – out by France in Quarter-Finals. The main reason behind their good performance is Edinson Cavani and he was injured in that game. He scored 3 goals in 4 games of world cup.

For Paris Saint-Germain: He scored 40 goals and 7 assists in 52 games. So that a place in top 10 for Ballon d’Or 2018.


  1. Raphael Varane:Raphael Varane Raphael Varane is another Frenchman entered into the conteders list of Ballon d’Or 2018. As France won the WC 2018 so it is most obvious that they have world class players.

Varane is playing as a defender for Real Madrid. He played very well for his teams. But it’s tough for a defender to win this but still he performed well for his club and country so he is here.

Although he is a defender he scored once in WC 2018.


  1. Neymar: NeymarNeymar is an outstanding player and played well for his club and country. He played 28 games this season. He scores 25 goals and 14 assists. Also awarded as 14 times with Man of the Match. His performance is very good as compared to other players above the list.

But due to less games played and 5 yellow cards + 1 red card placed him at no 10 among top 10 contenders for Ballon d’Or.

He doesn’t even performed well in world cup.

This is whole about contenders for the Ballon d’Or 2018. For more news stay connected to us.

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